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Inside the RV


Family-Owned. Family-Operated.


Tom, Turner, and Cutter Harvey

Father, Tom, and sons, Turner and Cutter, own and operate Harv's Mobile RV Service. Based in Penhook, VA and seasonally in South Florida, the Harveys have been in the RV industry for over 15 years. Tom and his wife own and operate an RV Park in Virginia and the boys grew up living in and near RVs. Their love for repairing RVs came from fixing their own RVs and helping their guest make repairs.


They quickly realized there aren't many services that will come to you, which requires RV-ers to break down their camp and drive an hour or longer away to get their RV repaired, costing them a lot of time and gas. They began dreaming of a service that would come to you, make the repairs, and save you the time and inconvenience of having to break apart your camp and set it back up again. Thus, Harv's Mobile RV Service started.

Meet The Team

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Tom Harvey

Tom has been RV-ing since 2006. When he's not fixing RVs or working at his RV Park in Virginia, you can find him on the golf course with Turner and Cutter.


Turner Harvey

Turner grew up around RVs and loves spending time outdoors. You can often find him fishing, golfing, and going mountain bike riding.


Cutter Harvey

Cutter grew up around RVs and enjoys being able to travel in a "home on wheels". When he's not busy with a repair, he's usually out on the golf course working on his swing or out on a boat.



Expert care for your RV!

Tom, Turner, and Cutter extensively studied at the National RV Training Academy and are certified in:

  • RV Air Conditioners

  • RV Heat Pumps

  • RV Furnaces

  • RV Refrigeration

  • RV Water Heaters

  • and RV Exterior Systems

You can turn to Harv's Mobile RV Service for repairs and installation for RV slide-out systems, leveling jacks, plumbing, electrical, furnaces, air conditioning, gas and electric hot water heaters, and more.

Not sure if we provide the service you need? Please CONTACT US.

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